I always love seeing the final product after I create a cover for an author! This one is no exception. This is one of my favorites–I did all the work by hand with very little digital help.

Check out Joe “Tuffy” Tofuri’s novel, Lobiso´n. It’s available on amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Lobisón-ebook/dp/B00AK06Q58/ref=tmm_kin_title_0

Here’s the blurb:

JACKSON KELLER spends half his lifetime hunting and killing packs of ferocious werewolf-like beasts called Lobisóns. His nemesis is the fifteen feet tall, almost two thousand pound Alpha werewolf he nicknamed POPPA – the first of the Lobisón bloodline, and their king. It was Poppa’s vicious pack that slaughtered Jackson’s Marine platoon leaving him the sole survivor.

Bent on revenge, Jackson tracks Poppa to the small town of Morgan Falls. It is there where he and a small gathering of townspeople barricade themselves within a church to defend and protect a pregnant woman’s unborn child from Poppa’s savage wrath. According to the lore of the beast, the unborn child is the last of the Alpha Lobisóns to be born and Poppa must raise the child to continue their bloodline – and the battle between man and man-beast is brutal.

As the fight rages on, Jackson finds himself face-to-face with the Lobisón king. What will it take for him to defeat the giant beast and end his reign of terror…and what will happen to the newborn Alpha Lobisón child?

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2 Responses to Lobison

  1. Thanks, Ash, for designing a fantastic book cover for me!!

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