Hey…hey, you…PSSST

You like books?

I like books. A lot. I like ’em so much that I write them. Betcha didn’t know that, didya? You only know I’m an artist, right?

I’ve been writing much longer than I’ve been making the art stuff. Here, check this out…It’s actually my very firstest novel, re-edited, rewritten, and re-released through Amazon. Awesome deal, to0! For the next few days, it’ll be at .99!  There’s a sequel coming later.

Swamp Baby by A. D. Roland

I even made a trailer for this book that rocks. I think so, anyway.

Swamp Baby Trailer

Here’s the blurb:

Suwannee lives in mortal fear of the swamp. Even though she’s lived near it her entire life, she is sure there’s something out there, just waiting for her. Something dark. Something evil. Something that wants her.

Michael, Suwannee’s ex-husband, can’t wrap his head around their divorce.
He’s sure he can talk her into taking him back. She’ll have to listen, especially once she finds out the voices in the swamp are talking to him, revealing special abilities. Spirit-Mother wants him to serve her, but she demands Suwannee’s blood in return for her graces.

Suwannee’s best friend, Derry, is sure Michael has gone off the deep end. When he starts babbling about being able to transform into a panther, and strange bruises appear on Suwannee’s throat, Derry is more than sure Michael is behind her injuries. Before he can confront Michael, something takes Suwannee, and they’ve got to join forces to find her.

Once they find her, though, can Derry save her from Michael?

He soon discovers that there is something far worse than a crazy ex in the swamp. Something out there does want Suwannee. Something that isn’t going to let her go without a fight.

If Derry manages to save her from her psycho ex, can he save her from the swamp?

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