Want to see what the finished covers look like?

If you’re looking for a great, inexpensive cover, contact me at asharceneaux.art@gmail.com. Most of my premades are between $25 and $40, and I have specials on commissioned covers, too!


If you’re looking for the available premade covers, click HERE


Here are a few finished covers. Some are commissioned, and a few were created from premade covers.

Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn was once this premade cover: chained

Also Available from Stormy Glenn (covers by me) are My Girl and Finding Frankiefindingfrankie



mygirl2rsflipped Princessconsort uncensored3 queenwrap6x9 36exp2 battle lordb bb2b1 beastbayoubear2 bequeathed2 castleskeep deep3 difyesterday3 eieio4 fitslikeaglove1 thegiftednewbg heartfast lapetit3 pop possession3 rhythmbooos      sandeflay gifting1 wolf2 obsessivebobbicole carlawrap3 inpursuit2 boyred recipe siberianhellholeredsib silence and shadows 1 drft6 extrememunded dyingdays4OMG HER PROFESSIONAL ARM IS MISSING book cover dd3c the passage gameofstrawsd3 SoHill SoHlogo1small SoHNJ

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