New special :)

I’m running some specials on cover art! I’ve got a huge selection of premade covers on my website that are just waiting for an awesome author! Prices start at $25 for a front cover (add $10 for a full wrap). Most of you write more than one book,  so you need need more than one cover. I’m running a special on the premades. Pay full price for the first one,  and you’ll get $5 off the second cover,  and $10 off the third (you must purchase all covets at the same time). Minor edits are offered for free–that includes hair color, adding tattoos, scars, etc. If you need larger edits–background changes, etc, it’s only $5 per change. I’ll add text for free. Covers are NOT reused or recycled.

In addition to the premades, I’m doing custom commissions for $50 (usually $75). I work in all genres–romance (Including m/m, f/f, menage), scifi,  horror,  fantasy, nonfiction, you need it, I can make it!

If you’d like to see my completed book covers,  go to (sorry, you might have to wade through a bunch of cross-posted premades!)

If you need more information,  contact me at

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