Super cool awesome book cover sale! Commissions AND stock covers! WOOOHOOO!

Need a book cover? I can help!

Normally, commissioned covers run about $50-$110. For a limited time, I’m offering commissions for a superduper low price!

For a limited time, commissioned covers will only cost $40. The usual stipulations apply–if a flaw is my fault, I’ll correct it for free. If you need a major change after a design is decided upon (To clarify, this refers to something you decide after the initial design is agreed about–hair color change, addition of elements, etc) it’s $5 per change.

In addition, stock covers are on sale for $25 each, title changes included. If you need edits like hair color changed, tattoos added, etc, it’s just an extra $5. If you need a full wrap cover, it’s $10 extra

The bulk of the posted covers are romance, however I can work in any genre. Check out my deviantart gallery, www,

Check out the rest of the blog for samples of commissioned covers as well as all the stock covers available. If you don’t see any stock covers you like, just ask me–I have a ton I haven’t listed yet!

Email me if you have any questions!

Here are a few covers I’ve done recently.

suspect LONGGONE wintertrail bloodonthesettingsun spiritmotherredemption mysteryschoice wraithborne2 theater of froght beaufortghost inviteonly spiritmotherNEWcover swampbabynewcover

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