New sale!

We’re well into convention season. You probably need a book cover–whether it’s a permanent cover or a placeholder cover. I have a whole bunch of stock covers I need to find homes for. Let’s help each other out!

I have a new special going on. $25 for ANY stock cover. $40 for two covers, Need a wrap cover for print? Add $10 for each cover (so it’s $35 for 1 or $50 for 2).

Do you need a CUSTOM book cover? I can help with that, too! Right now, custom covers are $65 (full wraps are $75). Turnaround time is about four days.

Email me for details. asharceneaux . art ( at ) gmail.

wavyromance scary horror vampirestock Sexy Woman In Hot Lingerie And Leather Jacket Posing Glamorous A nude lesson1 highland2 highland1 captive Sexy Woman In Hot Lingerie And Leather Jacket Posing Glamorous A Glamorous pinup woman in vintage outfit holding red bra, studio HORRORSATAN wpid-pinupcover.jpg wpid-whippedintoshape.jpg wpid-scenic5wm.jpg Sexy Woman In Hot Lingerie And Leather Jacket Posing Glamorous A nude scififantasy2 scififantasy1 scifi2 romance mage horror1 horror3 horror4 horror5 countrysong arcane angel wpid-img_1413467115926.jpeg wpid-img_1420955295923.jpeg stocktension sadgirl reallysad nipplecowboy kissinfincars ifimust drooling voodoo runaway  princess powercouple stockmenage4st stockcorset stock30st stock13 stock12 18 16 stocksix stock8 stock7 stock4 longroadhome stock3 touchmeST title neworderST     sweetnothingsST stock2 redhotseptext kickassscifiseptext Beautiful couple with historical costumes warriorseptext thinkingofstuffseptext snapshot Low key studio shot beautiful slim legs in black nylons on a red Fine art photo of two woman and a gun leather lovelyseptext  escape Trained Body Wearing Demim beachyromanceST theartist sexyangstyseptext dreamdudetextsep storyofmylife thescarening magicgirl horrorhigh vintageromance  somethignbadhappened mermaidWM  dystopianYA

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