Look! Star Wars Celebration Orlando pics!

It was a great experience! The organization could have been a bit better, but overall I had a blast.  As a lifelong fan, it was amazing to be around so many people who didn’t think lightsaber duels on catwalks over busy city streets or a thousand Mandalorians marching through a convention center was strange!  

I loved all the cosplays and exhibits. I wish I’d been able to get into the official store and see the HerUniverse stuff, but that was an unorganized and unmitigated disaster. 

Overall,  just being part of it was awesome. If and when the event returns to Orlando, I will definitely be a part of it again! 

Enjoy these pics!  

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I make a lot of geek-themed apparel and accessories. I’ll be at Megacon Orlando 2017 with my stuff. I’d love to see you there! 

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