Thanks for visiting! This website serves a few purposes: to showcase my work, attract commissions, and to be a place where I can babble on about whatever the heck is happening in my life.

After you’ve looked at all my work and think my style would suit your project, please email me at asharceneaux . art (at) gmail . com. “Inexpensive” does not  have to mean cut-rate, cheap, or unprofessional. I love creating art for independent authors and small press. I don’t charge an arm and a leg because I enjoy being able to provide a vital service to fellow writers. My rates are low–some of the lowest in the industry–and turnaround time is fairly quick. I’ve got more work up at, and if you search for Ash Arceneaux on Youtube, you’ll find samples of my book trailers. 

A little about me:  I’ve worked for several publishers as a member of their art departments for the last four years. I’m currently on staff at Damnation Books and I freelance regularly for Whitesides Words, Rymfire Press, and Tease Publishing, as well as independent authors. I have created covers for dozens of authors and created spec paintings and drawings for a handful of indie-film projects and indie graphic novels. 

I also offer book trailers.

I’m now offering editing services. My rates are $50 for the first fifty thousand words, and $15 per every ten thousand words after the initial fifty thousand.

Please note these prices are the initial costs of creating the book cover or graphic. If the cover is more intricate than normal, price may vary. I also use ‘real’ models as often as possible, so that you won’t find the same face on fifteen other books.

For an ebook cover, the price is $100. That includes the various sizes needed for ebook retailers.

For a full wrap print cover (formatting like spine sizing, etc, included) is $120.

Depending on the cover, prices may be negotiable. Turn-around time can be a day to a week, any cover requiring traditional artwork will take longer.  Any longer than that, I’ll let you know.

Book trailers are $100. That costs covers either paying a model for original pictures, or covering the purchase of royalty-free stock photos, the photomanipulation required to make them suitable for your story, and the purchase of royalty-free music, if necessary.

I’m versatile and can work in any genre! Some prices for certain, qualifying projects can be negotiated. Email me for info! EMAIL ME. Please don’t leave a vague comment with no way to contact you on this page. @, or fill out the contact form.



4 Responses to Services

  1. joanna swank says:

    I need your help. I want a book trailer but need it by June 1

  2. Nicholas Barker says:

    Hello I would like to ask about a cover that I will need for an e-book. Please email me if you can. I already know what I want and am looking for a total before I purchase. Thanks!!!

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