BLACK FRIDAY SALE on book covers!!

FULL WRAP custom book covers are $50 today through Sunday!

STOCK COVERS are $15 this weekend only!

See all the stock covers here and here

EMAIL me at @ with questions and commissions!

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Open for Commissions!

I’ve got some free time this week, so I’m open for commissions. My rates are low, and turn around time is fairly quick (2-5 days).

Ebook covers are $50. Full wraps for print are $65.

Stock covers are $20-$40 (Sorry, I’m not honoring any past sales right now. Inquire about pricing, unless the price is listed by the cover or in the category).

I also have ‘bundle’ deals, so ask me about those!

EMAIL me. I don’t always see the comments posted on the website. asharceneaux . art @ gmail . com

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Some fun pictures from the final Authors After Dark Convention in Savannah!

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Congenital Defects

My novel, Congenital Defects, has been out for about 3 months now! I’m so excited with how well it’s doing! I just got a handful of AWESOME new reviews. Here’s the Amazon link to the book!

Matty 7M pregnant

A dark skinned pregnant woman holding her tummy

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More pieces of the Judge costume…



Knee/elbow pads and the leather jacket.

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Congenital Defects by A.D. Roland – Review

5 Stars Not for the faint of heart.  Nightmares abound with this spine-chilling tale.  A.D. Roland will drag you into the darkest reaches of your imagination with the horrors in this story.  Lots o…

Source: Congenital Defects by A.D. Roland – Review

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Something new…cosplay!

So I’ve dabbled in costumes and cosplay over the last couple of years. After attending Megacon in Orlando last week, I decided to go full steam ahead and really do something awesome for Megacon in Tampa (October).

One of my favorite movies is the new Dredd. I loved the original with Stallone, but the new one just makes me happy :). So why not make a Judge costume??

I’ve started collecting supplies…black ‘leather’ pants and jacket, a vest, and the supplies to make the ‘armor.’ I think I’m going to order a pre-made helmet, mostly because I’m just not 100% confident in my ability to make something like that. There are a bunch of great tutorials online for making the costume, so I think it’s going to be fun!

Speaking of Megacon, here are some pics from last weekend! My kids had a blast dressing up. They got bit by the cosplay bug and are planning their costumes for Tampa in October. IMG_0821IMG_0827IMG_0832IMG_0834IMG_0847IMG_0849IMG_0850FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_0863IMG_0886IMG_0887IMG_0889IMG_0890IMG_0891IMG_0892IMG_0893IMG_0894IMG_0896IMG_0898IMG_0902IMG_0899

IMG_0859 (1)

John Barrowman!!!!

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